2 How To Change Photo Into Cartoon Online Free

2 How To Change Photo Into Cartoon Online Free

Bakrabata.com – A caricature known as the art of humor, is characterized with characteristic exaggeration and distortion. Nowadays people usually make the caricature as a fun way to express their feelings and show their attitude to real life. With the popularity of social media, caricature portraits have become a trend.

If you’re looking for the ultimate tool to create caricature online for free, you’re not the only one. Because the majority of people will certainly want to finish some jobs are simple and do not want to install any apps or do complex editing.

Actually, there are several methods that you can apply to create drawings caricatures that good. In this article, we will discuss how to convert a photo into a cartoon. Whether it’s you guys a designers or content market, the admin is sure this tool will be very helpful to you.

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How To Work The Maker Caricature Online?

Many of the web sites photo editing that supports the creation of caricature online in 1-3 minutes. Most of them use the technique of machine learning advanced to recognize and analyze the person’s facial features. With the help of AI technologies, tools such as Caricaturer.io can complete the task of the transformation of the photo-to-caricature immediately, producing the effect of exaggeration while protecting the identity of the portrait.

Why Use AI Technologies To Produce a Caricature That Impressive?

Using AI Technologies to create a caricature, it’s free, automated, and is much more comfortable compared with the hiring artists caricature of a professional. The quality is also equivalent to a human artist.

Meanwhile, the tool AI create a caricature that looks like the image of a human face made by the artist the original cartoon. In addition, the program AI has the ability to capture of various styles of caricature and how the features overstated.

Compared to artists who hand-drawn, the application of AI to save time and with the drawing process and batch fast. Not only that, the AI allows to guarantee the high similarity between the original photo and the results are converted.

How To Change Photo Into Caricature

1. Change Photo Into Caricature Using Caricaturer.io

To change photo into caricature quickly, you can use the site Caricaturer.io. Caricaturer.io is an online software that is effective and reliable to turn your photos into cartoon effects. Compared with Corel Draw and Photoshop, user Caricaturer.io does not need to do any download or installation program.

You can visit the site and get a caricature interesting as long as you have a good internet connection. If you have never heard of the maker of a caricature of a fantastic online this, follow the admin and get the details.

This Tool takes only 3 minutes to turn your photos into cartoon effects with more than 60 variations. What’s more, depending on the technology of deep AI learning and machine learning, this web site can produce the effect of exaggeration and distortion out of the ordinary.

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Main Features Caricaturer.io:

  • Easy to follow for beginners and professional designers.
  • Free to use: membership is not required. You will not spend money here.
  • The layout is well organized and beautiful UI: ensure a good user experience.
  • More than 60 effects of deformation and exaggeration amazing.
  • The process is simple and smoothly: Change photo into caricature with simple steps.

Steps To Create A Caricature Using Caricaturer.io:

Prepare a photo that includes your face, and then uploaded to the Caricaturer.io.
Wait for the AI to process the photo of you guys, which usually takes 3 to 5 minutes.
See all 64 cartoon effects and select one or a collection of to download.
If you want all images in bulk, simply take 1 minute to create an account on this site.

2. Change Photo Into Caricature Using Befunky

Befunky is a platform “the makers of the cartoon” the main goal is to change the image into a cartoon easily. Different from Caricaturer.io, this is more like a website design because it offers lots of charts and templates for the user. Although making caricatures is not the main function, Befunky can still show good results if you try it.

Steps-Steps MembuatKkarikatur Using Befunky:

  • Upload your pictures to a Photo Editor.
  • In the left-hand menu, select category Artsy.
  • Click Cartoonizer in the list of options Artsy guys.
  • Choose from five variations Cartoonizer, each with a slightly different style.
  • Use the Settings button to customize the effects,
  • Although befunky offers a variety of functions for you to convert a picture into a caricature, he imposes a lot of effects. In addition, if you don’t have an account on here, you can not download the resulting image directly.

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