3 Easy Steps for Beginners to Create a Blog on WordPress

3 Easy Steps for Beginners to Create a Blog on WordPress

Bakrabata.com – WordPress is a platform for creating blogs. This application is very popular to use, both for beginners and experts. Its open source nature makes WordPress free to use and free to modify.

Although it can be used for free, it does not mean that blogs created using WordPress are cheap. The proof is that WordPress is used by various large companies, such as The New York Times, Mercedes-Benz, and many more.

Apart from being a blog platform, WordPress is also used by many well-known sites as a CMS (Content Management System) because it is easy to modify according to the needs of its users.

If you’re looking to start a blog, read on to find out how to create a blog on WordPress for free and easily. Check out the tutorial on how to create a blog on WordPress below!.

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1. Register a WordPress Account

The first way to create a blog on WordPress is to register an account. Open WordPress in a browser, then click ‘Get started’.

You need to create a WordPress account by entering your email address and password. There is also an option to register with a Google account or Apple ID for iOS users.

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2. Define Domain Name

Next, create a domain name that matches the blog. Domain is the address used to indicate the location of the blog. For beginners, you can start by choosing a free domain name.

A free WordPress blog will have a domain address ending in “.wordpress.com“.

After specifying a domain address, you will be directed to choose a paid WordPress account package option. If you want to continue without paying, click ‘Start with a free site’ to create a free blog.

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3. Create a Blog

To create a blog on WordPress, you can start by filling in the basic blog settings such as completing a site title, giving a website icon and tagline. After that, you can adjust the appearance of the blog to make it look more attractive.

Complete blog settings

The first step, complete the basic blog settings. On the dashboard, click ‘Name your site’ to give the blog a name first. Fill in the website title, change the icon and also the website tagline. You can also set the language and timezone on the website.

Setting the appearance of the blog

To adjust the appearance of the blog, select the ‘Appearance’ menu on the dashboard. WordPress provides a choice of blog templates that you can use. Click on the template you want, then select ‘Activate’. Select ‘Customize’ to edit the template into your blog. Then set as desired.

Create custom menus

On the dashboard look for the column ‘Quick links’ then click ‘Edit menus’. Or you can also go through ‘Appearance’ on the dashboard then click ‘Menus’.

To add a new menu, click ‘Create new menu’, fill in the menu name in the column then select ‘Next’. After that, determine where the menu will be directed. You can point it to custom links, pages, posts or categories.

Add widget

Widgets are additional elements located in the sidebar and footer of a WordPress site. These additional elements can be in the form of calendar, audio, archive, gallery, category dropdown menu, search box column, recent posts and many more that you can choose.

How to set it, click ‘Appearance’ on the dashboard, then select ‘Widgets’. On the next page, click ‘Add a widget’ then select the element you want to add.

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