6 Businesses Without Money Capital with Tempting Results, Can be from Cellphones!

6 Businesses Without Money Capital with Tempting Results, Can be from Cellphones!

Bakrabata.com – Business without capital money is interesting information, especially for those of you who have wanted to open a business but have material constraints.

But can you run a business without capital with big profits? This is a question for everyone who wants to run a business.

Actually, when practiced in reality, the answer to this question cannot be. Maybe if you have a little capital, you can do it. For example, when we do business as a reseller, write articles for other people, or provide a backlinks service, these businesses do not require capital.

But for marketing or promotion itself will still incur costs even though it is small. So basically in running a business will require capital even though it is not large. But in this day and age, there are many businesses without capital on cellphones, the important thing is that we can catch them.

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6 Business Lists Without Money Capital

1. Content Writer (Freelance Writer)

The first business without money is to become a freelance writer. The profession of being a freelance writer is one example of a business that we can run without spending a large amount of capital, and we can do it from anywhere including home as long as we have an internet connection.

For the topic of our writing, it depends on the order requested. Now for reference we can also take it from the internet or books.

In carrying out this profession, we may only need a laptop with an internet connection. So every month the owner of the website who orders our article will send a payment, the value is not big but the value is good for the addition. However, if you do it well, your writing skills will grow.

The price for each article varies greatly depending on the quality you provide, some are willing to pay a lot, some are willing to pay cheap. The cheapest price in the market is around Rp. 2000/100 words. So if someone orders 500 words, the fee is IDR 10,000

But for good writing standards, according to journalistic principles and Offpage SEO, the price can be 3-4 times that, so the better the quality of the writing you have, the more expensive the selling price will be.

2. Become a Reseller or Dropshipper

One of the businesses without capital on a 2021 cellphone that you can try is to become a reseller or dropshipper. Among the advantages, we don’t have to worry about making a product or stocking up on the items we are going to sell.

In this case you only focus on the marketing process and the sales process of other people’s products. But don’t forget to keep selling really quality products, so it will be easier for you to get loyal customers later.

An example of a reseller business that can be done offline is for example you sell clothes from tailors or designers you know. You can sell these clothes around the villages or sell them in the market. From here, you can then make a profit, namely through the difference between the selling price from the reseller and the selling price that we set to the customer.

As for online businesses, of course, there will be greater opportunities to run resellers and dropships. In this case, it is highly recommended that you have a blog or online store that can be used as a place to display your merchandise.

Take advantage of a site

With this website, our transaction process can be carried out 24 hours a day with a worldwide reach. As long as someone can access the internet, during that time they can become your potential customers.

For those of you who need cheap website creation services that serve online stores, you can order them through the duniaelektronik.net site. The capital is fairly small, especially when compared to us renting a place to sell.

Apart from using the annual package, there is also a free package. This means that you no longer need to pay a certain amount of money for an extension, you only need to pay once at the beginning of its manufacture.

However, there is a stigma for online businesses. If it’s a reseller, it means that we buy wholesale goods, aka stock up the goods first, then resell them. Meanwhile, a dropshipper is not required to stock the product first.

Which one is better? Both are equally good, for beginners with minimal capital, dropshipping is not a problem. In this case, you can also try it through the best online store sites in Indonesia. You can create an online store easily and for free.

3. Become an Online Ojek Driver

Currently, online motorcycle taxis are very popular, with Gojek and Grabbike being the main players. Both are booming in Indonesia, especially in big cities, such as Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta.

This is of course a very lucrative business opportunity, you can work part-time as a motorcycle taxi driver. Unlike conventional motorcycle taxis, you can “hang out” anywhere while waiting for orders to arrive via your smartphone. So it’s not wrong if it’s a business without capital on a cellphone.

If you use conventional motorcycle taxis, you have to “hang out” at the motorcycle taxi base to get customers. The concept of this online motorcycle taxi is a sharing economy, meaning how much money you get depends on how many customers you get. So the more you order, the more you get.

So monthly can be high or low, unlike office work with a fixed monthly salary.


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