Fact About Kiryu Coco Graduation and Why is Coco Leaving Hololive

Fact About Kiryu Coco Graduation and Why is Coco Leaving Hololive

Bakrabata.com – Hello friends bakrabata this time we will share the information that is being viral on social media, a lot of people looking for facts about kiryu coco graduation.

There who announced that kiryu coco leaving hololive it will expire and will not be released again serial terbarunya.

Not many know that kiryu coco graduation is becoming a topic of conversation by a variety of media, although many fans of the series kiryu coco graduation with serial terbarunya.

But there is a saying that kiryu coco graduate will be leaving from hololive, VTuber Kiryu Coco and the agency of his talent, hololive, today announced that the Kaichou group will be graduating from the institution on July 1.

Coco released a video discussing the graduation of her, including when the last stream will be, while hololive released a press reveal reveal information.

Why is coco leaving hololive ?

Kiryu Coco join hololive as talent 4th generation, help bridge company between the speakers and Japanese speakers of English through Gabo’s outlandish, and influential, of the river.

the Time of writing, the Chairman of the dragons has more than 1.17 million subscribers, making him one of the most customer-Japanese customers Vtuiveive in hololive, and the most subscribed VTuber overall, only slightly behind the holveber Rushia and above Akai Haai Haai.

Kiryu Coco is one of the most popular Vtobers of the cover and Hololive. Especially because he is a bilingual (English / Japanese) VTuber.

Coco debuted in December 2019, and dubbed Kaichou / the Chairman because he very much appreciate the honor and justice and as a reference to the hierarchy of the yakuza. One of his favorite characters is really Kiryu from the series Yakuza.

Kiryu coco leaving hololive

In the video is 12 minutes long, Kiryu Coco explains he will pass and leave Hololive, and stop its activities on 1 July with the flow of the end.

As for why he graduated, Kiryu Coco just said while feeling regret it: “there are too many things that I can’t tell You about why I graduated, so I’m just not gonna say anything, but I know it’s not satisfactory not to hear the reason”.

Membership channel Kiryu Coco and members-only will continue to be available for three months after graduation. So it seems his channel will be closed on the date of the 2021 October. What’s more, fans can send gifts, See the announcement of the official Hololive for details.


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