The Right Web Hosting Service Makes Your Website Smoother

The Right Web Hosting Service Makes Your Website Smoother – For those of you who manage a blog or website, you must be familiar with the term web hosting. Web hosting is an online service that allows users to publish a site or application on the internet.

To ensure the site can be accessed by internet users, the owner must rent a physical server room to store all the data. That server space is called hosting. The existence of hosting is very important because without hosting, a website on the internet will not be able to be built properly.

Hosting Types

shared hosting

This is the most popular and most widely used type of hosting. Shared hosting is often recommended for beginners because it is suitable for websites that are new and do not have a lot of visitor traffic.

However, shared hosting means that you share a server with other website owners. So when the website traffic is high, it can affect your website.

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Cloud based hosting

Cloud based hosting is a relatively new hosting technology with a breakthrough that allows hundreds of servers to work together to look like one giant server. This type of hosting is preferred by many website owners because it will not experience downtime. So, even if the server is having problems it will not have an impact on website performance.

VPS hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which is hosting that is touted as prima donna because it offers many advantages. One of them is a dedicated space server for its users. With this feature, if there is an increase in traffic on other websites it will not affect your website.

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WordPress Hosting

As the name suggests, this is a website specifically dedicated to WordPress-based website owners. This one hosting allows users to update their WordPress installations and protect your website from being targeted by hackers. This is also the type of hosting that many beginners choose because the price is quite low.

The Best Web Hosting Recommendation That Could Be Your Choice


Niagahoster is touted as one of the best web hosting in Indonesia today and is highly recommended. This provider, which was founded in 2014, is part of Hostinger and has served more than 50 thousand clients so far.

The advantages of Niagahoster are a stable average uptime with a score of 99.92% and the fastest average load speed with a value of 845 ms. However, the price offered by Niagahoster is quite expensive, starting from IDR 10 thousand per month for 3 years.

The features offered to customers are storage up to 500MB, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, and a website that can accommodate up to 15 thousand visitors every month. Niagahoster also offers upgrade options consisting of CloudHosting, CyberPanel VPS, and Unmanaged Cloud Hosting VPS.

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Kinsta is a web hosting company founded in 2013, dedicated specifically to managing WordPress-based sites. The average speed offered by this web hosting is not bad, around 180 ms for a server based in the United States. If you use servers located in Asia, the speed can be even better.

Another excellent feature offered by Kinsta is that it gives customers the freedom to choose hosting sites from 24 different countries in the world. With this feature, you can choose the server location closest to your target.


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